Our staff has 15 years‘ experience with car films and wraps. We pay attention to every detail with the utmost precision to deliver top-notch results. We have been awarded with quality certificates as well as prizes in pan-European competitions. Even those with high standards will not be disappointed.

We only use 3M brand tint films, namely :

  • 3M Panther CS - colour stable – tint film of the highest quality. We provide a 2-year warranty on the application and the manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on the material. 
  • 3M Panther SX - lower quality = lower price, 3-year manufacturer's warranty for tint film life, 2-year application warranty.

We provide a certificate of installation for each tint film.



Solar car tint films provide greater comfort while driving, especially on sunny days. They protect you and the entire crew from strong sunlight and also prevent the interior of the car from overheating. These car tint films are also great at preventing theft. Dark windows make it harder for thieves to see what is placed in the back seats. In the event of glass breaking by force or in a car accident, the glass remains intact and thus reduces the risk of injury to the passengers.

5 different levels of glass darkening according to your taste and needs. Our staff will be happy to show you samples directly in our workshop.



The car film industry is no stranger to fashion trends. Nowadays, you can change the colour of the body without serious intervention or lengthy spraying. Just choose a pattern from the current sample book and we will change the colour of your vehicle in a few days. There are many colours and shades to choose from, so even those most demanding will walk away with smile. It doesn't matter if your vehicle is white, black or green, we will change its colour to match your taste. Some components need to be disassembled to ensure the highest possible efficiency and quality of the film, especially in bends in the body where the film tends to peel off (this happens when the car is not disassembled prior application). 



We also install special transparent protective window films which are applied either to the windshield or to various parts of the vehicle body - usually the front part to protect the car against the impact of stones. 

We also install security anti-theft films on the windows of vehicles, houses or buildings. These films also protect the passengers as the broken windows (in car accidents) remains intact.





We offer advertising wraps for all types of vehicles. The service includes wrapping, material and graphic design. Vehicle pick-up is a matter of course.









Do you want to protect your car body against stones and scratches? The transparent protective film is what you need. The film can be applied to the body of the vehicle, as well as to the lights and other parts of your car. High quality and durable films deliver what they promise. Get your quote now.










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