We offer car insurance to both private individuals and companies, in particular compulsory motor vehicle insurance (CMVI), collision insurance (CI), special co-insurance (SCI), property insurance. For companies, we offer bulk, the so-called fleet insurance, which we advise clients to take out for 5 and more cars. We cooperate with all insurance companies, so the client can choose from a wide range of options.

 We offer our clients special insurance deals – those who take out compulsory motor vehicle insurance and/ or collision insurance is entitled to a discount of up to 30% on compulsory motor vehicle insurance and up to 50% on collision insurance.


Great insurance rate . . .

We always try to offer the best possible rates to the satisfaction of our customers. 


If you buy a bundle package – a car and full insurance, you will receive a free care package for which others must pay. The care package covers assistance on the road in the event of an insured event or accident, like car towing, car repair and the communication with the insurance company. We will also provide the client with a replacement vehicle during the repair period. Just enjoy your car and we will take care of the rest.

If you are interested, contact us and we will prepare a tailor-made offer for you.





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