The "vehicle appraisal" service is intended mainly for companies that need to determine the market* or purchase* price of a vehicle (buyback or sale to employees). This service is also available to private individuals upon request. 

After the appraisal, we issue a report containing all the necessary information about the vehicle, its condition and current damage. In case the car is damaged, we will provide you with damage repair estimate. 

This report also contains the current market and purchase price of the car (provided the damage is repaired) as well as the current price (with all damages). 


The price of the service varies depending on the number of cars: 

  • 1-2 cars - 35 €/ car
  • 3-7 cars - 30 € / car
  • 8-15 cars - 25 € / car
  • more than 15 cars – subject to agreement

the listed prices are without 20% VAT 

* market price - current average price 
* purchase price - the price which is lower than the market price, usually by 10% or more, depending on the market value of the car. The car is usually sold to a new owner and the price is lower than the market price as you pay for the service provided - fast and trouble-free sale.

The purchase price is very specific as the seller sells the vehicle without any guarantees on the technical condition of the vehicle.





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Purchase and sale of cars